IT Governance Blog 公佈2015年11月資料損壞及網路攻擊事件簿


IT Governance Blog 公佈2015年11月資料損壞及網路攻擊事件簿, 提供大家參考: 

Fighting back against cyber crime

Teenage Brit charged with denial-of-service attacks, and bomb threats

Fighting talk from Great Britain as it says it will hit back against internet attacks

Jail for British DDoS attacker, who said too much on Twitter

Try to hire a hacker on CraigsList to wipe out your court fines? Get sent to prison

Federal Legislation Targets “Swatting” Hoaxes

Arrests in JP Morgan, eTrade, Scottrade Hacks

eBay scammer steals identity of agent investigating him

Cyber thief who stole nude images for revenge porn king gets 2 years

Hospital clerk fined $36,000 for selling patient records

Feds round up 50 suspects in latest ID theft-tax fraud sweep in South Florida

Hacker jailed for eight months after attacking police, council, charity and porn websites

Cyber attack and DDoS

Norwich International Airport website hacked

ProtonMail hit by mystery DDoS attack, preventing customers from accessing their secure email

JPMorgan Hackers Breached Anti-Fraud Vendor G2 Web Services

Extortionists target CCN in a DDoS attack; 5 bitcoins bounty

U.S. Government Officials Targeted by Iranian Hackers

UK pummelled with DDoS after ISIS cyber attack warning

Cyber attack disrupts dog rescue group’s server

Security blogger Graham Cluley’s website suffers DDoS attack

vBulletin enforces password reset after website attack

Jewish school website defaced with pro-Islam messages

Salt Lake schools hit with DDoS attack

Zoho services under criminal attack

Hushmail outages resulting from denial-of-service incidents

DDoS Attacks on Runbox

Swedbank smacked by DDoS attack

Neomailbox DDoS Attack

FastMail suffers DDoS attack

Data breach

Breach at Securus Technologies exposes 70 million prison phone calls

NYC doctor’s office emails spreadsheet containing personal info for 15k patients

Georgia data breach could affect 6.2 million voters’ personal information

Comcast customer data leaked online – Comcast insists it’s not their fault

Touchnote hacked – tells users to reset their passwords

North Carolina DHHS reports second email incident in two months

Utah student information compromised over six-year period

Social networking site xat hacked; user database acquired by hacker(s)

Brazilian Army gets hacked

Queensland TAFE student data exposed in hack

Data breach at biz that manages Cisco, F5 certs plus many others

Linux Australia suffers another data leak

Austin dumpster diver finds A-list actors’ private info

DHHS discloses second Medicaid data breach

Nutmeg customers caught in data breach

Payment information

Hilton Hotels admits hackers planted malware and stole customer card details

Payment card data breach affects 54 Starwood Hotels

ShowTix4U ticket website customers warned following data breach

Bank card slurping malware discovered in casino chain’s tills

KAIST students’ credit card information stolen

Noble House Hotels and Resorts notifies customers at six luxury hotels of payment card breach

Maine’s Yellowfront Grocery hit by payment card breach

Common Market in Maine notifies customers of payment card breach


Flaws found in LastPass password manager by security researchers

Chipotle Serves Up Chips, Guac & HR Email


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