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Arbutus 軟體提出容易導入與執行的稽核軟體與資料分析解決方案,它支援從全面各類資料來源與型態:包括大部份複雜傳統及大型主機檔案架構做資料直接存取、分析、及轉換工作:

  • 稽核分析(Audit Analytics) – 擴展你的分析能力,改善可使用性及達到效能最佳化。
  • 舞弊偵查(Fraud Detection) – 存取及調查任何資料的態樣及有效地使用於舞弊查核作業中。
  • 聯結(Connect) – 使用個人電腦的應用系統工具來直接讀取資料庫或更複雜傳統格式的資料檔案。
  • 即時資料倉儲(Instant Data Warehouse) –從倉儲資料中擷取資料原型,並能快速地讓使用者在專案開始時,使用真實資料。
  • 移轉(Migrate) – 避免成本、延遲、及特別在傳統資料格式移轉專案有關的風險。
  • 持續性稽核與監控(Continous Auditing & Monitoring) -能主動對稽核工作、風險管理、資訊控制、財務分析與監控,做到及時洞察企業營運作業的最佳主動方法。
Arbutus Audit Analytics

Designed for audit, risk, and compliance professionals, Arbutus Audit Analytics represents the very best in audit software and data analysis technology. Based on 25 years of software innovation and development, Audit Analytics has become the choice of leading audit and data analysis professionals. Important considerations include:

  • Fastest performance – see latest benchmark tests vs competition
  • Compatible with your current tools, minimizing your conversion costs
  • Familiar interface, minimizing the learning curve
  • Analytical capabilities that are only available in Arbutus
  • Frequent software updates – see what’s new in Version 5.6
  • Ideal for implementing CAATs, continuous controls monitoring, SOX, or fraud detection strategies
  • Competitive pricing and special competitive discounts

Expand your Capabilities

Switching to Arbutus will increase your analysis capabilities in three areas:

  • Deploy new types of audit tests
  • Extend and refine current analysis capabilities
  • Create new, and maintain existing, audit tests much more efficiently

The benefits? Improved personal and team productivity along with greater confidence in your findings.

Licensing Options

Arbutus Team Edition
Arbutus Enterprise Edition

Improving Usability

Whether you are an occasional or power user, the Arbutus experience will maximize results and minimize frustration. For management, Arbutus’ familiar interface and compatibility with your existing audit applications will improve your team’s capabilities while minimizing transition costs and inefficiencies.

Optimized for Performance

Data sources are getting larger. New types of analysis, like fuzzy matching, require high performance to make deployment viable. You don’t want to compromise the types of tests you can run because of performance deficiencies. From simple ad hoc queries to complex, scheduled tests, Arbutus gives you the fastest performance of any audit analysis solution.

Is Arbutus the Right Software Vendor for your Team?

Data Analysis continues to be identified as a critical yet underutilized area in performing audits, and testing internal controls.
Can your team do more with data analysis? Many factors contribute to the successful deployment and use of data analysis. The software vendor you select to support your analysis needs is one of the most important.
While Arbutus is not the biggest audit software vendor in the market, it is the best. It’s the best partner for audit, risk, and compliance groups who have embraced the importance and challenge of data analysis, and want an ally who will listen to them, innovate for them, and support them. We answer that challenge by enabling our clients to achieve the highest level of business assurance within their organizations.

Currently Using Different Software?

If you are using another audit or data analysis application, and would like to learn more about the advantages of Arbutus, please review our 100 Reasons to Like Arbutus.

Brochures (PDFs)

Arbutus Fraud Detection

Fraud examiners and forensic investigators use data analysis technologies because they are the most effective way to examine large volumes of transactional data in order to detect and deter corporate fraud. Arbutus Fraud Detection is designed specifically for testing and comparing all types of organizational data, whether financial, operational, or security.

Arbutus Fraud Detection combines comprehensive data access, analysis, and reporting into one intuitive and customizable query tool. Featuring built-in data analysis capabilities that allow end-users to develop and execute a comprehensive set of fraud tests, Arbutus Fraud Detection provides the best interface between your forensic expertise and the many sources of data containing the evidence you seek.

Here is why Arbutus Fraud Detection is the tool of choice for fraud detection and deterrence:

  • Easily test data across departments, organizations, or systems
  • Perform data analysis in a timely manner
  • Analyze data of unlimited size or complexity
  • Develop and implement automated fraud tests and indicators
  • Purpose-built interface and capabilities
  • Cost-effective solution compared to alternatives

Arbutus LegacyLink’s Role in Fraud Detection

Arbutus LegacyLink™ helps fraud examiners overcome Microsoft Excel’s functionality gaps or limitations in three key areas:

  • Allows Excel users to analyze unlimited data volumes
  • Minimizes IT resources required to access new data sources
  • Supports reporting and analysis needs involving legacy systems

LegacyLink makes it possible for examiners to apply fraud detection tests against files of unlimited size and complexity. The technology is optimized for performance, allowing examiners to perform more queries on large data sets without restrictive delays, or having to wait for results.

Arbutus Connect ODBC Drivers

ODBC drivers for relational and non-relational data sources

Arbutus Connect ODBC Drivers offer direct, real-time access to all your corporate data sources, including mainframe sources such as: Adabas, DB2, IMS, ISAM, QSAM, VSAM, and other complex files (i.e., virtually any data file in table format). Connect Drivers can also access your SAP data, Internet-based sources, as well as data stored in other environments, such as Windows, so that all of your data is presented in a unified environment.
Connect ODBC Drivers provide your Windows, web, and server applications with instant ODBC connectivity to all of your relational and non-relational data sources, significantly lowering the cost of fully utilizing your legacy system data.

A Simple Solution for Complex IT Environments

You no longer need to create a data warehouse, data mart, or other repository to consolidate data for end-use reporting and analysis. With a short implementation timeframe, reporting, and analysis ideas can go from the whiteboard to the boardroom in just days.

  • Direct Access – If required, Arbutus Connect ODBC Drivers can provide direct access to “live” data residing on multiple platforms via ODBC, so users experience zero data latency when querying data.
  • Staged Data – Staging your data on our Windows Server is as easy as a few clicks, with no ETL programming required. This helps avoid the expensive loading and set-up process, while providing an integrated view of all your data, with fast, efficient delivery to end-users.
  • Secure, Read-Only Access – While adhering to strong IT data management controls, all Arbutus technology, including Connect, provides read-only access to data.
  • Robust Security – Connect accesses corporate data using operating system and database authentication protocols only.
  • Compatibility – Connect is fully compatible with all common data access standards, including ODBC, JDBC, OLE DB, and ADO.NET.

Connect ODBC Drivers – Learn More

Arbutus Instant Warehouse

Arbutus Instant Warehouse provides a proven solution for two difficult data problems:

  • Modeling a data warehouse with real data
  • Using historical data from decommissioned platforms

Instant Warehouse Data Warehouse Prototyping

Getting user participation and involvement is one of the key factors in a successful data warehouse project.

Instant Warehouse is a prototyping tool that provides you with powerful ways to visualize and analyze your data, while involving end-users at the earliest stages. Users are involved because you can prototype your application using the entire set of real data.

The Instant Warehouse agile modeling techniques reduce the need for extensive advance documentation reviews and dramatically reduce both the time and effort required to plan the project’s data access. In addition, these tools enable you to minimize up-front costs and reduce risks by limiting your exposure related to unexpected data problems or new requirements.




  • Save time and money
  • Minimize documentation reviews at the start
  • Prototype the data access for your project and get it right the first time
  • Evolve the prototype to become the requirements document
  • Minimize or eliminate subsequent re-work
  • Start seeing results in days

Reduce risk

  • Ensure the project meets your needs, before it’s built
  • Involve users at the earliest stages
  • Gain acceptance before you implement
  • Know your source data
  • Process your source data directly, and identify problems at the earliest stages
  • Apply advanced data quality tools and techniques directly to the source data
  • Pre-test your conversion, mapping, and cleansing rules directly against the source data

Instant Warehouse Legacy Data Store

Many organizations continue to make their IT environments more efficient and cost-effective by decommissioning or consolidating their hardware platforms. However, one of the challenging outcomes of this process is the storage and use of historical data. Much of this data cannot be cost-justified to migrate into a data warehouse, but is still needed for periodic and important use. Instant Warehouse is designed to provide a very cost-effective solution to this problem.

The Arbutus Windows Server is fully compatible with all data set structures and data types encountered on your mainframe, Unisys, HP, or DEC platform. This means that the process of staging data is as simple as a file transfer, with no data transformation required.

The result is that you can implement a data mart-style solution, with full access for any type of query, analysis, or reporting needs, in a matter of days.


  • Continue to use historical data from decommissioned platforms like IBM mainframes, Unisys, HP, and DEC
  • Unconverted legacy data can be stored and utilized on any Windows Server
  • One-time set-up of Legacy Data Store for use by end-user applications can be done within hours or days
  • Eliminate the time and expense of moving all your legacy data into a data warehouse
  • Historical data and active data can be easily combined into one data source
  • Simplifies the re-purposing of historical data
  • No training needed for end-users to access the legacy data

Download: Arbutus Instant Warehouse brochure Acrobat PDF

Learn more about Arbutus Instant Warehouse

Instant Warehouse is better than ETL – find out why

Arbutus Migrate – Legacy Data Migration

Legacy data migration is a challenging exercise, often resulting in unexpectedly high outlays for acquisition, support infrastructure, and qualified personnel.
Arbutus Migrate uses a data-driven methodology that reduces both the costs and risks associated with the design and development of legacy data migration projects. Migrate queries the source data directly, with no ETL programming required. Its read-only approach has two main benefits:

  1. Migrate uses real source data, rather than test data, allowing users to identify and quantify data quality issues at the outset
  2. Migrate cannot alter the source data, so the integrity of the underlying data is maintained

The technology behind Arbutus Migrate has been used for over 20 years by medium and large organizations to access and convert all types of complex legacy data sources. These purpose-built capabilities allow you to convert source data to the target system’s requirements efficiently and economically.

Key Capabilities of Arbutus Migrate


  • All-in-one application means minimal training and start-up time – Just one tool to learn and use for all data validation, cleansing, and conversion tasks
  • Not a legacy data migration expert? Not a problem! – Data conversion professionals at Arbutus are available to assist whenever needed
  • Flexibility to use other migration tools if required – Arbutus LegacyLink™ technology can seamlessly supply data to other applications
  • Will not affect performance of production systems – Data can be moved between different server platforms for quick and easy staging
  • Access historical data from decommissioned platforms – Fully compatible with all data set structures and data types encountered on your mainframe, Unisys, HP, or DEC platforms

Purpose-built functionality

  • Intuitive user interface reduces programming requirements – Over 80 built-in functions help extract and transform even the most complex data sources, including mainframe legacy data
  • Easily validate source data – Migrate offers extensive interactive testing and validation tools
  • Comprehensive audit trail – The entire data migration process is automatically documented


  • Cost-effective – With Migrate, there is no need to use an expensive ETL tool
  • Data-driven methodology – Migrate minimizes staffing requirements and allows you to complete projects without the usual labor-intensive IT skills
  • Achieve results quickly – Arbutus Migrate sets up in just days


Benefits of Staging the Data

When mainframe resource constraints make direct access solutions impractical, or if Arbutus does not offer a native server for your source platform, Arbutus also enables you to easily offload your processing to our open server on the Windows platform.

Having a central staging platform is also helpful when the project needs to bring disparate data sources together. Data from different platforms can be efficiently brought together for testing, validation, and conversion.

Unlike typical open server implementations, Arbutus’ open Windows server is fully compatible with all data set structures and data types encountered on your mainframe or AS/400. This means that the process of staging data is as simple as a file transfer, with no data transformation required. This movement of data can occur within the Arbutus environment or using alternative processes.

Arbutus Data Migration Services

Our consultants have a great many years of experience in legacy data migration projects involving mainframes and other systems, and are available to assist at any stage of your project. When needed, our consultants typically work with your team and provide assistance in the use of “best practices” with Arbutus Technology.

When our consultants become involved, your project timelines become our project timelines, to ensure an on-time and successful completion of your legacy data migration project.

Arbutus Continuous Monitoring & Auditing Solutions

  • Best testing coverage and results
  • Straightforward to implement
  • Simple, intuitive interface
  • Budget friendly
  • Full suite of pre-built tests

Systematic testing of internal controls is the proactive way for audit, risk, compliance, IT, and financial professionals to gain timely insight into their business processes. Most organizations have embraced, to varying degrees, the idea of continuous monitoring of internal controls. The goal is to make the gap between the idea and the reality of implementing and maintaining a monitoring solution as small as possible. Compared to existing controls monitoring solutions, Arbutus makes the gap significantly smaller and less daunting in the following ways:


Moving beyond a desktop-based solution can be an intimidating or frustrating user experience for many. The server-based Arbutus Analytics Enterprise Edition is the ideal technology to power your controls monitoring requirements, but not at the expense of usability. Users get one fully integrated technology that feels like one product, because it is one product. Whether you use it straight “out of the box”, or are also involved in developing tests, your experience from the desktop will remain the same when using the Enterprise Edition. Request a web demo to see for yourself.

Cost of the technology

Whether you are implementing a controls monitoring solution for the first time, or transitioning from an existing solution, the low investment required is just one of the many reasons to consider Arbutus.

Cost of the implementation services

A successful and efficient implementation often requires outside expertise, both with the internal controls tests and the technology. The advanced design of Arbutus minimizes the complexity of implementation. Less complexity equals fewer service requirements. In addition, the repository of pre-built controls tests, which are included for no additional cost, will translate into significantly reduced development time.

Cost and time to maintain and add tests

Changes and additions in business processes and testing requirements are inevitable. The design of Arbutus makes it much easier for your internal staff to maintain and add tests.

Effectiveness of tests and results

The analytics capabilities of Arbutus either match or exceed the existing controls testing of other solutions. The unique analysis capabilities of Arbutus opens up broader and deeper controls testing opportunities.

Speed and Performance

The scope and size of the data underlying your financial processes and reporting can put significant performance demands on your monitoring solution. You don’t want performance to limit the types and scope of your controls testing. In performance benchmark testing, Arbutus has proven to be significantly faster than alternative solutions.

The Arbutus Guarantee

Any technology implementation involves risk. Arbutus is committed to minimizing those risks, both perceived and real. Like with all Arbutus solutions, there will be no financial obligation to Arbutus until you are fully confident that your controls monitoring solution is meeting your objectives.

Continuous Monitoring – Learn More